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Heart wellness is the name of our game and Beta-Glucan, the super soluble dietary fibre naturally found in Oats, is at its core.

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Better with Beta-Glucan

Jungle Oats contain a heart-healthy soluble fibre known as Beta-Glucan. This heart hero binds to any excess cholesterol preventing it from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Heart Hero
Heart Hero
Heart Hero
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Delicious and Nutritious Jungle Oats

Our cholesterol-lowering Oats contain Beta-Glucan,
the true heart wellness hero.

Your #1 Source of Goodness

At Jungle, our goal is to help South African families on their journey to greatness. Part of this journey is maintaining a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle which will enable them to live a long and fulfilling life.

Endorsed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Jungle Oats is a wholegrain, which provides you with the fibre, nutrients and natural goodness you need to ensure you #DoLifeWithHeart every day.

Heart Hero
Heart Hero
Heart Hero

Jungle Health Hub

Discover the heart healthy benefits of Jungle and start enjoying a life filled with wholesome food and good health for the whole family.