A Century Defining Legacy

Since 1920, we’ve fuelled our Rainbow Nation on a journey to greatness with the natural goodness of wholesome, wholegrain rolled Oats.

South Africa is the land of unbridled sunshine, untamed hope, and endless entrepreneurial possibilities - and in 1896, it was no different.

That’s when Jacob Frankel, Jungle’s founding father, arrived as an immigrant seeking new possibilities. Jacob hailed from generations of produce merchants - feeding people was in his DNA. He joined a local family company of produce dealers who dealt in maize, pulses, grains, peanuts and animal feed.

In 1920, after borrowing money from a friend, Jacob started the Tiger Oatery to share the goodness of homegrown Oats nourished by the South African sun.


Did you know?

Jungle fed the Allied Troops during World War II.

Original Quick Cooker
Tiger Puzzle

One of our founding beliefs was that ‘nutrition is the basis of life and growth, and there can be no proper health without proper food’. That meant that the quality and purity of our Oats had to be preserved so that people could enjoy their best health benefits.

This drove the quest for innovation in the farm-to-factory business and led to a ground-breaking, clean and ventilated process, allowing our Oats to be the first in the market. Known as the original ‘quick cooker’, our Oats saved time and money by cooking in 3 minutes.

Aerial View Buildings

From the start, Tiger Oatery has highlighted and communicated nutritional education, ‘health is wealth’, and the affordability, convenience, and versatility of Oats.

From recipes for Oatmeal Pudding to face masks to help with acne, there seemed to be no shortage of home remedies made with Oats. Doctors even cited Oats as a ‘wonder food’, helping malnourished infants become healthy!


We’re fueling the dreams of today and building an unprecedented legacy of goodness...

Today we at Jungle continue the entrepreneurial legacy of wholesome goodness, the same traits that resonate with you, the people of South Africa.

Thank you for including us in your lives for nearly 100 years. We’ve fueled the dreams of past generations and now we’re fueling the dreams of today and building an unprecedented legacy of goodness for the future.