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Meet Heartie - The Heart of the Nation

A heartfelt hello to all South Africans. Meet Heartie, the Heart of the Nation(HOTN)! Heartie is the spokesperson for Jungle’s new Little Acts of Heart campaign. Heartie embodies the “heart” of South Africa – he captures the kindness, warmth and great spirit of all South Africans. Heartie is here to show the world that ALL South Africans can make our country a better place through Little Acts of Heart.

What is a Little Act of Heart?

Introducing Little Acts of Heart – a call from Jungle for all South Africans to do small acts of kindness that bring joy into someone’s life.

A little act of heart is something any of us can do: a little act of kindness, of consideration, of selflessness that brings a touch of joy and happiness into someone’s life. Which is why the word “little” is so important. It doesn’t have to be big and attention-grabbing and it’s done expecting nothing in return. 


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How do you join in?

Share a picture or video showing us a Little Act of Heart on your feed, or in the comment section on our Facebook or Instagram page.

Tag @JungleSouthAfrica and use the hashtags #LittleActsOfHeart and #DoLifeWithHeart


Let’s reach a million Little Acts of Heart with Jungle 

Throughout the year, Jungle will be giving back to those who need it most, with milestone rewards. The first one to look out for, is when the Heart-o-Meter reaches 1000 Little Acts of Heart - Heartie will help 10 people give back to causes close to their heart.

If all 60 million of us South Africans do Little Acts of Heart, imagine the big difference it’ll make to the heart of the nation (HOTN)! So let’s try and reach A MILLION LITTLE ACTS OF HEART. When we do, Jungle will give back to those who need it most through food vouchers and hampers to the value of a MILLION rand.

The Heart-o-Meter

The Heart-o-Meter is a tracking device that Heartie uses to show us how many Little Acts of Heart have been done. The Heart-o-Meter will update every 2 weeks so you can see what a difference you are making to the heart of the nation. You'll also be able to see when the next milestone will be reached and what the reward will be.

10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0%