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7 Ways To Make Overnight Oats Way, Way Better

Overnight Oats can be the bomb — not only are they packed with healthy fibre and fruits to kick your day off right but they're easy to prepare. But they can also be — well, let's be honest — a soggy mess. To up the ante on your overnight Oats, we scoured the internet for the best tips. Here are eight ways to make your overnight Oats way, way better.

Switch up your milk

If you've been stuck in a milk rut, try switching it up. Swap skim for whole milk to give yourself a creamier treat; switch up almond for cashew and get acquainted with a new nut; try soy for an extra dose of protein. Whichever milk you choose, just don't go overboard — adding too much liquid is a one-way ticket to a soggy breakfast. (Hit the reset button — and burn fat like crazy with The Body Clock Diet!)

Pick the perfect Oat

If you're not loving the texture of your usual recipe, your oat choice might be to blame. Rolled Oats have a silkier texture after soaking, while steel-cut Oats will give you something to chew. Both types are nutritionally similar, according to Prevention, so it's ultimately just a matter of preference.

Forget the fridge

While overnight Oats are awesome out of the fridge, chilly mornings might call for something warmer. We love how The Yummy Life and Lavender And Lovage took the overnight oat out of the cold and into the slow cooker.

Get seedy

If you're looking to up the nutritional power of your Oats, toss in a spoonful of chia seeds. They're packed with iron, fibre, and omega-3 fatty acids. If you want to get really wild, add pomegranate seeds to get extra antioxidant benefits, like in this recipe from Green Kitchen Stories. Genius.

Add your toppings in the a.m.

Adding your toppings with the Oats and milk overnight can really screw up the texture of your breakfast — who likes soggy bananas? As a general rule of thumb, fruits, nuts, and any crisp toppings like coconut flakes are better added in the morning before you're about to eat. You can add spices, nut butters, yoghurt, and seeds in at night.

Pump up the protein

Protein boosts at breakfast are always big winners in our book. Bonus points if they also make our recipes taste better. We love how Lauren Conrad uses Greek yogurt in her morning Oats to add a little texture and flavour. Pro tip: You can also use nut butters for the same effect. We're super in to this peanut butter concoction from the Minimalist Baker.

Sweeten things up (with limits)

You might feel like your Oats are missing something if you've got a sweet tooth. Rather than add raw sugar (we know, it's so tempting) try a healthier option like agave or honey. But be warned — going overboard on the sweetener could make your healthy breakfast not so good for you very quickly. Try relying on fruit, nuts, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg for flavour as much as possible.

For further inspiration on how to take your oats to the next level, try our delicious Jungle Oats recipes.

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Written by: Macaela McKenzie